Gallery 924 Exhibition, Indianapolis, IN

Valerie Eickmeier explores themes surrounding environment, landscape water and human impact on nature.

Her long-term interests in these topics eventually grew to focus on juxtaposing the wholeness of an environment with snapshots of distinct places, atmospheric qualities and moments in time. Since 2019, she has created several series of paintings and woodcuts that represent places and weather events using satellite images of landmasses, waterways, oceans currents and large river deltas. This process allows her to imbed scientific data in a visually expressive way .In this new work, she investigates mapping as an art form by selecting physical features of geographic area to convey a message or metaphor about the powerful effects of climate change.

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Eickmeier is a Professor of Fine Arts, Dean Emeritus at Herron School of Art & Design and a two time Arts Council Creative Renewal Arts Fellow.

Event Date: 2021-08-06 6:00 PM - 2021-08-27 6:00 PM
Event Location: 924 N. Pennsylvania Street, Indianapolis, IN 46204


2020     Choice and Chance, 924 Gallery, Indiana Arts Council, (Solo Exhibition) Indianapolis, IN

2019     Mapping Expedition, Marsh Gallery, Indiana University (Solo Exhibition) Indianapolis, IN

2018     Valerie Eickmeier & Danielle Reide, Barnes and Thornburg Headquarter, (Two Person) Indianapolis, IN

2017     Connected, (Curated Invitational) Zolla/Lieberman Gallery (Group) Chicago, IL

              Chicago Expo, Represented by the Zolla Lieberman Gallery, Chicago, IL

2016     Rainmaker, (Gallery Installation) IMOCA, Indianapolis, IN

             Artist Invitational, Garvey/Simon Art Access Gallery, (Curated Group) New York, NY

             Coupled, (Curated Group) New Harmony Gallery of Contemporary Art, New Harmony, IN

2015     Valerie Eickmeier Recent Work, (Solo Exhibition) Kuaba Gallery, Indianapolis, IN

             Water Musings, (Solo Exhibition) Paul Gallery, Herron School of Art and Design, Indianapolis, IN

             Tri-State Artist Exhibition, Edington Gallery, (Group) Three Oaks, Michigan

2014     Landscapes, (Group) Edington Gallery, Three Oaks, Michigan

2013     Heartland Printworks Gallery, (Invitational) Indianapolis, IN

2012     New Paintings & Sculptures (Two Person) Bungalow Art Space, Indianapolis, IN

2011     Oceans & Myth, (Two Person) Schircliff Gallery, Vincennes, IN

             Elements and Expressions, (Solo) Kuaba Gallery, Indianapolis, IN

             Juncture: Between Heaven & Earth, (Solo) Basile Gallery, Indianapolis, IN

2009     New Work from the Permanent Collection, Indiana State Museum, Indianapolis, IN

2007     Recharged, (Invitational) Harrison Center Gallery, Indianapolis, IN

             Drawing Exhibition, Marsh Gallery, (Group) Herron School of Art and Design, Indianapolis, IN

2006     Greece Travel Exhibition, (Group) Marsh Gallery, Indianapolis, IN

2005     Whispers to Shouts, (Curated Invitational) Indiana State Museum, Indianapolis, IN

1998     Small Sculpture Exhibition, (Invitational) Southeast Missouri State University, Springfield, MO      

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             National Small Sculpture Exhibition Southern Illinois University, (Invitational) Edwardsville, IL

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             National Wood Sculpture Exhibition, (Invitational) 20 North Gallery, Toledo, OH

             In Indiana, (Solo) Indianapolis Museum of Art, Indianapolis, IN

             Indiana University Fine Art Faculty Exhibition, (Curated Traveling exhibition) IN

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             New Sculptures, (Solo Exhibition) Ruschman Art Gallery, Indianapolis, IN

             New Work by ValerIe Eickmeier (Solo Exhibition) Indiana Arts Commission, Indianapolis, IN

1993     Gallery Artists Sculpture Exhibition, (Group Invitational) Ruschman Art Gallery, Indianapolis, IN

1992     Mid-West Sculpture Exhibition, (Juried) South Bend Art Center, South Bend, IN

1991     Sculpture Invitational, (Juried) Lafayette Museum of Art, Lafayette, IN

1990     New Work by Valerie Eickmeier, (Solo Exhibition)  Ruschman Art Gallery, Indianapolis, IN

             Border Crossings, (Juried) Gallery of Frame Design, Indianapolis, IN

             Start with Art 90, (Juried) Arts Council of Indianapolis, Indianapolis, IN

             6 Indiana Artists, (Invitational) Anderson Art Center, Anderson, IN

             Images in Stone, Wood, Steel & Clay, (Invitational) IU Southeast, New Albany, IN


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Event Date: 2020-10-28 12:00 AM - 2020-10-29 12:00 AM
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